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Microscopic Endoscopic Spinal Surgery represents a major advance in the treatment of various spine problems. It involves several different techniques that maximize the surgeon's ability to see crucial areas of the spine during the procedure while minimizing the need for incisions. As a result, normal tissue can be better protected, helping to lower the risk of complications. It also helps to reduce the time it takes to recover after surgery.

The Endoscope

The endoscope is a specialized optic instrument that can transmit clear, magnified images of the spine in real-time to a closed-circuit television screen in the operating room. The compactness and mobility of the device allows views of crucial areas that would otherwise require extensive cutting. By using an endoscope, routine lumbar disc surgery can be done through a 1/2 inch incision.

Over the past 15 years, thousands of microscopic surgical operations have been performed to remove herniated discs. Endoscopic surgery takes this one step further. It offers tremendous potential for a good outcome for patients.

Types of Microscopic Endoscopic Sugeries performed at the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute: