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Artificial Disc Replacement is recognized as one of the best available options for alleviating degenerative disc disease and other lower back problems.

Artificial Disc Replacement, known as spinal arthroplasty, represents a major step forward in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders. This procedure uses a ball and socket moveable part that is inserted into the spine. It is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from lower back pain.

In essence, Artificial Disc Replacement is a non-fusion technique that uses minimally invasive technology to totally replace the disc. It also has potential applications in nucleus replacement, dynamic stabilization, motion preservation technologies, facet joint replacement as well as annulus and nucleus repair and regeneration.

The hard, tough outer layer of a disc is called the annulus; the soft, mushy, moist center of the disc is called the nucleus.

It is our hope that Artificial Disc Replacement will offer:

  • significant reduction in pain
  • a re-establishment of a near full range-of-motion
  • restoration of natural disc height, while keeping the facet joints and surrounding ligament structures and tissues intact.

For patients who are candidates for this revolutionary spine surgery, the rewards include the ability to maintain movement and flexibility. In fact, the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute considers this to be one of the best ways to help alleviate lower back pain.