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This comprehensive spine surgery center does one thing very well: focus on every aspect of the spine’s potential problems. Lytton Williams, M.D. as well as the entire medical team offer surgical and non-surgical options to treat you with exactly what is needed to get you back in the game. Whether you’re a professional or recreational athlete, we’re champions of your health. Because when it comes to treating your back, you’re our MVP (most valuable patient.)

The Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute. Acknowledged experts in the spine. Team players when it comes to treating you.

Our extensive team includes:

  • Surgeons
  • Psychologists
  • Anethesiologists
  • Physical therapists

Dr. Williams has more than 20 years experience. Along with his team, the total experience in treating the back and spine totals nearly 50 years.

          Lytton Williams, M.D.

          Hamid Miraliakbar, M.D.


We worked togerther for more that 20 years, and have nearly 50 combined years of experience treating the back and spine