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Spine problems do not automatically mean surgery. At the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute, we also encourage leading edge non-surgical treatments that may help create a stronger back and spine. Sometimes we use physical rehabilitation or exercise programs designed specifically for your type of back problem. These programs are created as needed by our expertly trained therapists, and conducted on site.

We also have psychological treatments. Using the age-old adage of “mind over matter,” we help pain sufferers eliminate pain by using the power of the mind.

Non-surgical treatments offered at the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute include:

Non-surgical options also include using acupuncture and acupressure. These therapies and more are available at the Center for Health & Healing, St. Vincent Medical Center’s alternative medicine facility. Inside the Center, patients can find relief, provided by licensed and certified practitioners.

For more information on pain management and the Center for Health & Healing, click here