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Welcome to the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute where a unique, strong team of multi-disciplinary specialists including surgeons, internist, radiologists, physical therapists, psychologists, etc, who work together, revolutionizing the treatment of spine disorders having performed more than 11,000 spine surgeries.
"study on 60 professsional and olympic Athletes"-The Spine Journal
Recently, Lytton Williams, M.D., and Robert Watkins III, M.D. published a study on 60 professsional and olympic athletes in The Spine Journal. ...<<More>>
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Degenerative Disc Disease

The Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute offers:
-Surgical options
-Non-surgical alternatives
-Work-related injuries
Lumbar Disc Replacement
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Low back pain can come in a variety of forms. Pain in the lumbar (waist) area of the back can be described as sharp, sudden, dull, or constant. The spine is made up of vertebrae (bones), cartilaginous cushions known as discs, and nerve roots; any of these components can be the source of pain. The pain can result from a sudden injury or from gradual wear with age and repetitive strain.
Troy Aikman
Two weeks after recovery, Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys takes his team to the final victory. They win the Superbowl.
Pain Management
 Facet Injections
 Facet joints are the  joints in the posterior  portion of the spine.  There is one set of two  facet joints between  each vertebra in the  spine. These joints can  commonly be affected  by arthritis and can  cause back pain.  Injections of local  anesthetic and steroid  can be used to relieve  this pain.
 Spondylolisthesis is a condition in  which a vertebra is displaced  forward of the one below it in the  spine. This problem can cause
 both back pain and leg symptoms.